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Fundamentals Student doing lips like a pro!

Full Lips are often a struggle for even the seasoned tech!  Choosing  Teresa will set you above the curve!   You will learn the advanced lip techniques in your fundamentals training!  Begin your career with greater skill and knowledge of lips than most!


First Time ever doing Eyeliner! Like a PRO!

Only 3 days ago she never held a tattoo machine!  With my Holds and techniques, she is on the way to her dream, Tattooing the fragile eyelid... safely and like a pro!

 PMU Professionals build a sisterhood 

Teresa will introduce you to a network of PMU Professionals that will support and teach,  giving friendship and mentorship!   You will become part of a larger picture that uplifts and encourages each other to become more successful 

PMU Certification

Begin your new path of success

A career is born!

From dreams to reality!  A new career can be yours!  Being a PMU Artist is so rewarding.  Learn correctly from the beginning , and watch your dreams come true

She Believed She Could And She Did!

Plan your work!  Work your Plan!  A new you is waiting!  PMU is an exciting career path!   Teresa Marie Nall will give you the knowledge to thrive using your  natural talent and hard work.

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